Pay up employers, or prepare yourself for a public shaming!

Minumum wageThe Government has unveiled new plans to name and shame any employers, who do not pay their staff the national minimum wage.

The new rules, due to come into force in October this year, have been designed to encourage more employers to pay their staff fairly – or shame them into paying up if they don’t.

According to the TUC (Trade Union Congress), an estimated 250,000 UK workers are paid less than the national minimum wage.

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HMRC warns of tax credits email scam

Beware of tax credits email scam

Beware of tax credits email scam

Do you receive tax credits? If so, beware of scam emails from fraudsters who want to get their hands on people’s credit card details and passwords.

The HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) has warned that around 22,000 so-called ‘phishing emails’ were reported between April and July last year, by people who receive tax credits.

It’s expected this trend will continue during this year’s tax credit renewals period, and the HMRC has stated that they never ask for personal / payment information via email, so any such messages are likely to be fraudulent.

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