Premium rates on customer service helplines to be banned

premium rate phone linesIf you’ve ever found yourself cursing at the hold music on a customer service helpline, as your hard-earned cash silently ticks away thanks to the number’s high call charges, this will be welcome news to you.

The Government has revealed a draft proposal to ban premium rates on most such helpline numbers,  meaning companies such as PC World, Argos, Royal Mail, Phones4U and energy suppliers will have to change their rates to ‘geographical’ (or normal land line number) rates.

According to The Telegraph, consumers spend nearly £2 billion a year on calls to premium rate numbers – yes, you read that right; TWO BILLION pounds!

Airlines, train line operators and banks will be exempt from the premium rates ban, though, so bear that in mind.

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Stuggling to make a budget? Here’s how it’s done!

Pound coins

Could you save cash with a budget?

Whatever your financial situation, making – and sticking to – a budget can be a powerful tool to help you reach and maintain your financial targets.

If you are in debt and need to cut costs, or if you are trying to save up for something important, like your first flat or the holiday of a lifetime, a budget can significantly increase your chances of getting there.

It may seem obvious, but putting your outgoings and income in black and white (or red, as the case may be) on a spreadsheet can be extremely helpful in realising where you might be able to make savings, or how you could shift expenses around to cut down your spend.

If you’re unsure of where to start, check out this ‘How To Make A Budget’ video by Credit Action.