Where can you afford to live?

Rental property

Where can you afford to live?

A new report from the Resolution Foundation, published earlier in July, has found that the cost of renting is ‘unaffordable’ for low-income families in a third of the UK.

The Home Truths report identifies 125 local authorities – 33 per cent of the 376 local authorities in Britain – that were classed as unaffordable to “less affluent working families”. Here, ‘affordable rent’ is defined as not taking up more than 35 per cent of a household’s net income.

The BBC has released a BBC housing calculator, to help families and individuals figure out where in Britain they could afford to live.

Read the full story on BBC News website.

This week on Your Money – beware of the shoulder surfers!

BBC Your MoneyOn the most recent edition of BBC’s Your Money, from last Saturday (8th June), you can find out how to protect yourself from “shoulder surfers” – people who lurk behind you at the cash point, trying to catch your card pin and then steal your card, in order to commit cash machine fraud.

You will also learn more about the fees you might rack up if using your card abroad – and how to minimise the loss.

Check it out here: Your Money, Saturday 8th June 2013

Are you keeping tabs on ‘Your Money’?

BBC's Your Money

BBC’s Your Money

Have you checked out the BBC News TV magazine ‘Your Money’ yet? It’s a weekly broadcast, helping viewers make the most of their hard-earned cash, including a number of feature stories and interviews with experts, as well as mix of finance news stories.

If you’re not already a fan, have a look at last week’s installment, which covers help for first-time home buyers as well as ‘debt and mental health’, among other items:

BBC News Your Money, Saturday 25th May 2013

Household debt on the rise!

Household debt

Debt that’s not dealt with can lead to repossession

National money education charity, Credit Action, has reported that the average household debt in the UK is on the rise, as the rate of repossessions goes up.

The fact that more repossessions are taking place implies that more households are struggling to make ends meet. If you find yourself in debt, it’s important not to ignore the problem, but to take action straight away.

Turn Debt Around can help with impartial, no strings debt advice, and we can also facilitate a range of debt solutions.

For more information, have a look at the ‘Debt solutions’ page on our website, or call us for an initial chat on 0131 777 3039.

Source: Credit Action

Stuggling to make a budget? Here’s how it’s done!

Pound coins

Could you save cash with a budget?

Whatever your financial situation, making – and sticking to – a budget can be a powerful tool to help you reach and maintain your financial targets.

If you are in debt and need to cut costs, or if you are trying to save up for something important, like your first flat or the holiday of a lifetime, a budget can significantly increase your chances of getting there.

It may seem obvious, but putting your outgoings and income in black and white (or red, as the case may be) on a spreadsheet can be extremely helpful in realising where you might be able to make savings, or how you could shift expenses around to cut down your spend.

If you’re unsure of where to start, check out this ‘How To Make A Budget’ video by Credit Action.

Get supermarket savvy and save cash!

Food in shopping basket

Do you shop smart?

Ever looked at your supermarket receipt and felt dumbfounded by the amount of money spent on a basket of goods?

Whilst the cost of food has gone up considerably in recent years, you may want to take stock of your spending and ask yourself if you are getting the most bang for your buck when you visit the supermarket.

We found some helpful shopping pointers in The Telegraph’s Finance section, that we thought would be worth sharing:

Five ways to save money on your supermarket shopping