Comedy gold: Alan Davies offers his views on money

Alan Davies

Alan Davies on money

The other week we spotted an interesting interview in the Personal Finance section, with famous comedian and ‘Jonathan Creek’ star, Alan Davies.

He had a somewhat inventive – if illegal – way to boost his limited allowance as a teenager, and compares his relationship with money to Arsenal Manager Arsène Wenger’s “two types of footballers”.

Read the full interview by clicking here.

Happy Fringe Friday, folks!

EastEnd Cabaret opening the Underbelly launch event at the 2012 Fringe Festival

EastEnd Cabaret opening the Underbelly launch event at the 2012 Fringe Festival

If you are currently in Edinburgh, you will hardly have been able to escape the fact that the Edinburgh Festival Fringe kicks off today.

Why would you want to escape it, for that matter? For a month a year, we are treated to the biggest open access arts festival in the world, with its seemingly endless stream of top class entertainment, right on our doorstep!

Sure, it gets busy. Between the sea of street performers, the doubling of the city population, and the 24-7 festival revelers, you could be forgiven for occasionally getting the impulse to lock yourself in a dark room during the month of August.

But that’s what the rest of the year is for.

August is for arts, comedy, cabaret, late licenses and lots of laughs! And if you are strapped for cash, there is always the Free Fringe, with loads of fun, free shows to choose from.

So, hope you all have a fantastic Friday evening and a great start to the 2013 Fringe – we think it’s going to be a good’un!

For more information about the festivities, visit:

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe website –

The Edinburgh Free Fringe website –