Kids are great…if you can afford them!

The cost of having children

Cute, but not cheap…

Having a child is a momentous occasion – it is, and should be, a life changing experience! But as such, it’s important that you plan ahead as an aspiring parent, and try your best to make sure it’s a fully informed decision.

It appears that for many, their little bundles of joy came with an unexpectedly steep price tag, as recent studies show UK adults are underestimating the cost of having children.

According to a report by Santander, UK parents spend an average of £537 per month on their kids. More than half of the respondents stated that the cost of having children has increased so much in the last few years, it’s “impossible” to be fully prepared for parenthood, financially.

Furthermore, a whole 20 per cent said that if they had known just how much raising a child would cost, they would have held off!

Adding to the above, a recent Aviva study shows that sending children to school in the UK will set parents back on average £1,600 per year, for things like uniforms, school trips, transport, and schools dinners. The figures suggested that parents can expect to fork out a total of around £22,000 on ‘free education’ for their child, between the ages of four and 18.

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2 thoughts on “Kids are great…if you can afford them!

  1. That’s an astonishing statistic to think how much UK education costs, considering it’s not private. Many of my friends who have had kids have struggled very hard (underestimated the cost of a child), meaning they’ve got in debt, got stressed and had to move back to their parents. Children are a blessing but I wish there were more people that thought really hard about the money it takes to raise a child for so many years.

  2. Very true, Jennifer. Thinking about money and budgets might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you decide you want to start a family. However, unless you have plenty of money, it’s worth planning ahead so that you are aware of the financial challenges ahead, and how you will handle with them. If you do find yourself in debt, don’t stick your head in the sand; the sooner you deal with your financial issues, the better! Have a look at the debt solutions page on our website ( or contact us for some impartial, no strings advice:

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