Do you know anyone who may need debt advice? We can help!

We know that many who find themselves in debt feel embarrassed about their situation, and sometimes hesitate to seek help as a result. But experiencing financial difficulties is nothing to be ashamed of; it happens to people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

At Turn Debt Around we can offer impartial, personal debt advice that takes into account people’s specific circumstances, and is compliant with the guidelines produced by the Office of Fair Trading, and all aspects of consumer regulations.

Whether someone has debts of a few thousand pounds, or tens of thousands of pounds, our friendly and experienced financial advisors will ensure they are recommended a debt solution that works for them.

Treating customers fairly, ensuring our clients have a good experience from start to finish, is a top priority for us. The advice we give is free, and no one is under any obligation to go ahead with our recommended solution. If a person chooses to proceed, fees may be applied – these will be explained beforehand, and are usually incorporated into a customer’s payment plan.

Facing debt problems head on can be scary, but putting is not helpful. In fact, it could make things a lot worse.

So if you know someone who needs help, tell them to have a look at the debt solutions page on our website, or suggest they call us for a chat on 0131 777 3039.

Turn Debt Around video advert

Watch our video ad by clicking on the image above

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