Household debt on the rise!

Household debt

Debt that’s not dealt with can lead to repossession

National money education charity, Credit Action, has reported that the average household debt in the UK is on the rise, as the rate of repossessions goes up.

The fact that more repossessions are taking place implies that more households are struggling to make ends meet. If you find yourself in debt, it’s important not to ignore the problem, but to take action straight away.

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Source: Credit Action

Stuggling to make a budget? Here’s how it’s done!

Pound coins

Could you save cash with a budget?

Whatever your financial situation, making – and sticking to – a budget can be a powerful tool to help you reach and maintain your financial targets.

If you are in debt and need to cut costs, or if you are trying to save up for something important, like your first flat or the holiday of a lifetime, a budget can significantly increase your chances of getting there.

It may seem obvious, but putting your outgoings and income in black and white (or red, as the case may be) on a spreadsheet can be extremely helpful in realising where you might be able to make savings, or how you could shift expenses around to cut down your spend.

If you’re unsure of where to start, check out this ‘How To Make A Budget’ video by Credit Action.

Get supermarket savvy and save cash!

Food in shopping basket

Do you shop smart?

Ever looked at your supermarket receipt and felt dumbfounded by the amount of money spent on a basket of goods?

Whilst the cost of food has gone up considerably in recent years, you may want to take stock of your spending and ask yourself if you are getting the most bang for your buck when you visit the supermarket.

We found some helpful shopping pointers in The Telegraph’s Finance section, that we thought would be worth sharing:

Five ways to save money on your supermarket shopping

HMRC warns of tax credits email scam

Beware of tax credits email scam

Beware of tax credits email scam

Do you receive tax credits? If so, beware of scam emails from fraudsters who want to get their hands on people’s credit card details and passwords.

The HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) has warned that around 22,000 so-called ‘phishing emails’ were reported between April and July last year, by people who receive tax credits.

It’s expected this trend will continue during this year’s tax credit renewals period, and the HMRC has stated that they never ask for personal / payment information via email, so any such messages are likely to be fraudulent.

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