Financial happiness could just be a chocolate bar away!

According to research from the Skipton Building Society, people could achieve financial happiness simply by saving an extra £6.75 a week – that’s the equivalent to the cost of a daily chocolate bar.*

When people were asked how much they needed to save to feel happy about their financial situation, the average amount given was £194 a month.  On average, people save £167 a month, meaning they’re only falling £27 short of their happiness target – £6.75 a week.


* Source – Credit Action, February 2011

Saving energy could save you money

There are many gadgets which claim to save you energy and save you money on your energy bills but are any of them really worth the money? has highlighted 7 gadgets worth paying for including the ‘standby buster’, the ‘ECO kettle’ and the ‘BioBulb’.

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Credit Crunching – a student guide to personal credit

A must for any student, ‘Credit Crunching – a student guide to personal credit’ is a joint publication between Credit Action and the National Union of Students.

It covers:

  • Student loans
  • Emergency loans and hardship funds
  • Bank overdrafts
  • Credit cards

You can download it from the Credit Action website.

10 things that will make you richer in 2011

We’re now into the second month of 2011 and hopefully you’re still sticking with your new year resolution to save money and improve your finances.

If you’re struggling to stay on track, has pulled together 10 things that will make you richer in 2011 including:

  • Making your debts cheaper
  • Making your savings work harder
  • Cutting costs
  • Shopping around
  • Getting a pay rise

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Are you being charged for not using your credit card?

You’ve paid off your credit card debt and have hidden it away to be used in emergencies only, but did you know that some credit card and store card companies are now charging ‘inactivity’ or ‘dormancy’ fees if you don’t make any new purchases with your card over a period of 6-12 months?

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Swelling bankruptcy among pensioners ‘a concern’

Following analysis of debt figures, concern has been raised by campaigners about the rising number of pensioners becoming bankrupt.

The Consumer Credit Counselling Service has highlighted that the older you get, the less opportunities you have to increase your income.

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