Most Brits are marathon runners when it comes to money

A survey by Scottish Widows has looked at the different ways people deal with their money and has identified six different types of financial athletes:

  • Sprinters – save up quickly but spend it all just as fast
  • Marathon runners – in it for the longer term, diligent and thrifty
  • Javelin throwers – only save when there’s a windfall but will also spend lots of money all at once
  • Hurdlers – lurch from one financial crisis to the next
  • High jumpers – don’t save at all and happy to run risks
  • Long jumpers – only save for specific things (e.g. a holiday or a car)

Nearly a third of people surveyed described themselves as being ‘diligent’ or ‘thrifty’ with their money and are ‘in it for the longer term’.

Only 4% don’t save anything at all and are prepared to take risks (high jumpers) and a mere 6% only save when they receive a windfall (javelin throwers).

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