Dealing with….rent arrears

According to Credit Action, research published by the National Landlords Association (NLA) has uncovered that a fifth of private residential landlords have had tenants in rent arrears over the last three months.

We’ve pulled together some tips should you find yourself in arrears with your rent.

  • Double check the payments you have made and your rent receipts to ensure that your landlord hasn’t missed any payments you’ve definitely made.
  • Check your tenancy agreement that you signed when you agreed to rent the property.  What does it say about rent arrears?  Know exactly what you have agreed to in the contract and if necessary, seek advice from your local advice centre.
  • Discuss the issue with your landlord, don’t avoid the situation and let it get worse.  You may be able to come to some kind of agreement about making partial rent payments until your situation improves.
  • In a worse case scenario you may receive a court summons – this may sound frightening but it will give you an opportunity to try to reach an agreement with your landlord through the court to clear the arrears.  You must adhere to this agreement as well as paying your regular rent payments to avoid being evicted.

If you are having trouble paying your rent and other bills due to financial worries, contact us today.  We may be able to help.

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