Avoid starting married life with financial worries

With the average wedding, according to Weddingplan, costing around £21,089* it is little wonder that many newly wed couples find themselves in a mountain of debt after celebrating their big day.

Here are a few ways which may help you avoid starting married life with major financial worries:

  1. Set up a team and use your friends and family as wedding organisers, it’s cheaper than hiring a wedding planner and they’ll have your best interests at heart.
  2. Budget – look realistically at the money you have and stay within that amount.
  3. Go minimalist – instead of large flower arrangements which can be very costly, go for the minimal look with single flowers or small arrangements.
  4. Look at hiring your dress as opposed to buying it – after all, you’ll only wear it once.
  5. Ask the venue if you can supply your own alcohol – paying for corkage could be far less expensive than paying bar prices.
  6. Consider getting married on a Friday or a Sunday which can lower the cost dramatically; and try to avoid May, June and July which are deemed peak wedding months and therefore more expensive.
  7. Negotiate – don’t be afraid to ask for a discount whether it be for rings, flowers or the venue.
  8. Prioritise – decide what part of your day means the most to you both and set your budget accordingly e.g. would you rather splash out on your photographer and be more frugal with your dress?  Would you prefer your honeymoon to be the holiday of a lifetime instead of hiring the more expensive band?

It is the most important day of your life and we realise you want the best of everything but all things considered, is it worth getting yourself into a spiral of debt to say ‘I do’?


*Source: Credit Action – September edition

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