A few facts on debt….

Did you know that?

  • The average person who comes to us for debt help will owe money to 7 different creditors which predominantly involves credit cards, loans, store cards, hire purchase and an overdraft.
  • It takes between 2 and 10 years of people accuring debt, moving their money between credit cards and ignoring telephone calls and letters from creditors before deciding to take steps to regain financial control via a debt solution.

Interestingly, despite the length of time taken to accrue the debt, when someone decides to seek help, they prefer local, friendly companies and make a decision to get debt advice in less than 2 days.

Our customers have said that simply speaking to someone about their debt problem has a positive impact on their well-being and at Invocas Financial, we are frequently told it’s “like having a weight being lifted” by just telling someone – it’s the “a problem shared is a problem halved” effect.

If you have a debt problem and want to speak to someone, contact us today.

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