Do you have a debt problem?

  • Do you hide your credit card bills away in a drawer each month without opening them?
  • Have you applied for credit recently and been refused?
  • Do you find you rely on credit cards to pay for everyday expenses each month?
  • Can you afford to pay only the minimum repayment on your debts each month?
  • Are you regularly going over your authorised overdraft?
  • Would you find it difficult to pay for an unforeseen expense?
  • Have you missed repayments on your rent or mortgage?
  • Have you been receiving regular final demand letters from your creditors?
  • Have direct debit requests been refused due to lack of funds in your bank account?
  • Are you finding it difficult to sleep at night due to financial stress?

Have you answered yes to most of these questions?  If so, it’s time to address your debt problems.  For some, admitting they have financial difficulties isn’t easy but just remember you’re not alone and there is help out there no matter how severe your financial problems.

Don’t have sleepless nights, talk to us about a debt solution.  We can help.

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