Credit Card Debt

According to Credit Action, research from has discovered that at least 1 in 5 of us carries more than 3 credit cards and 17% of credit card holders use their credit card at least once a day.  So it is of little surprise that many of the customers who come to us for help, need a debt solution to help them cope with their credit card debt.

There are a number of reasons that people get into credit card debt including:

  • Not prioritising debts – pay your most expensive credit card debt first
  • Late or missing payments – charges for late or missing payments on top of your debt will just increase the amount you owe
  • Overspending – spend within your means; buying something after you’ve saved for it feels so much better than just putting the purchase on a credit card
  • Ignoring your debt – if you’re reading this, you’ve recognised you need to turn your debt around and have taken the first step to tackling your credit card debt

Whatever the reason, you’re not alone.  We have years of experience giving debt advice and helping people into debt solutions including protected trust deeds, debt management plans and IVAs to get our customers back on track to financial freedom.

Use our online enquiry form to see whether we can help you turn your credit card debt around.

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